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Booking A Better Resort

Nothing is more disappointing than heading out on vacation only to find that your hotel is less than impressive. I have suffered from this unfortunate fate more times than I would like to admit, which is why I decided to start researching resorts. I was able to start booking better hotels for great prices, all because I was willing to take the time to do a little research. This blog is all about booking a better resort and having a great time with your family. You never know, the right vacation might be just what you need to enjoy your summer vacation.


Setting Up A Perfect Vacation During The Time Of A Pandemic

A pandemic can put the majority of life on hold. Work goals, education goals, and even getting together for small celebrations can become harder or next to impossible to achieve. There are still things that you can do when the country or even the world is healing from a pandemic. One of those things is releasing some anxiety and worries by taking a vacation. During a pandemic, flying can be limited or impractical, so it's a good idea to go where you will be able to drive. Read More