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4 Myrtle Beach Resort Alternatives To Ocean Swimming

For many people, the views of Myrtle Beach are spectacular to look at and invigorating for multiple senses. While laying out by the beach may be great, many people may not like swimming in the salt water conditions. The taste of the water, large waves, and a fear of wildlife may be just a few of the reasons keeping people at shore. If you want to swim at Myrtle Beach, but do not like the idea of the ocean, then there are multiple resort options to choose from. By breaking down your swimming preferences, you can enjoy the water and the spectacular views of Myrtle Beach at the same time. Along with traditional swimming pools on resort property, there are four additional options that feature fresh water attractions.

Infinity Edge Pools

With an infinity edge pool. you can feel like you're a part of the ocean while eliminating all of the negative aspects that come with it. The edge of these pools dip down so that it looks like it forms right into the ocean. The infinity design of the pool makes it feel much larger and allows you to really takes in the natural views that Myrtle Beach has to offer. When you are staying at a resort with an infinity edge pool, you can locate these pools outdoors and close to the beach area. They are great for lounging in or just swimming laps around.

Lazy Rivers

Enjoy the motion of the ocean without huge, crashing waves or riptides that can pull you under. Many Myrtle Beach resorts offer both indoor and outdoor lazy river attractions. These attractions feature a slow-moving current that guests can travel on. Typically, these attractions are traveled on using a tube. This allows you to lay back and relax as the tube carries you through the different areas. When the lazy river is featured outdoors, you can travel past beach-side areas and other decorative attractions like gardens and trees. Extra features in a lazy river may include small spraying fountains or water falls.

Swim-Up Pool Bars

Instead of getting a mouth-full of salt water in the ocean, you can enjoy fresh water with your favorite beverage at a swim-up pool bar. Resorts will often serve guests as they hangout and lounge in the water. Some pools may feature stools or seating areas in the actual pool. Using these in-water seats, you relax in the water while sipping on a beverage. The pool-side bar is a great way to relax and socialize with others. When staying at a resort, you may be equipped with an RFID wristband. This wristband is waterproof and automatically links to your resort account. By wearing the wristband, your account will automatically be charged for the drinks. This allows you to enjoy the water and drinks without the need to get out of the pool to retrieve money.

Water Slides

If you're looking for some extra thrills, then consider staying at a resort with water slides. Unlike the unpredictable nature of the ocean, Myrtle Beach water slides feature controlled fun on their property. Many hotels and resorts in the area feature water slide attractions. A lot of the water slides start off inside the hotel and then expand outdoors to create an exciting experience. The water slides vary from single-person rides to tube rides and large boating attractions. If the whole family is going on vacation, then the water slides are a safer alternative from the ocean and can provide hours of entertainment each time you are at the park. Water slide admission is often included with a resort stay and may also include other water attractions like a splash pad or children's water play park.

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