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Don't Fall For These Myths About Scuba Diving

If you are about to go on vacation on the water, one activity you may want to engage in during your stay is scuba diving. If you are new to the idea of scuba diving, a lot of what you think you know about the activity is probably not quite true. There are a lot of myths about scuba; here are a few of them.

Myth: Scuba diving is always tranquil and safe.

When you see videos of people scuba diving, they are always moving slowly as the gorgeous ocean creatures move around them. This makes scuba look simple and peaceful, which has perpetuated the myth that it's always a tranquil, safe endeavor. But while scuba may not be as extreme as unassisted deep-sea diving, it is a risky sport. Scuba divers can become very ill if they come up too quickly, and there's a risk of death if you do not carefully check your equipment beforehand. Because scuba is so risky, you should absolutely take any required safety or training classes seriously and remain aware the entire time you're below water.

Myth: If a company offers scuba diving, they must be licensed.

While you might hope all scuba companies take safety seriously and are registered with the relevant organizations, this is not always the case. Always read reviews and ask to see proof of licensing before you embark on a scuba adventure with a certain company. If a company does not require any training, does not seem to place an emphasis on safety, or charges significantly less than other scuba tour companies in the area, then you may be better off choosing a different company.

Myth: Sharks attack scuba divers pretty often.

Probably the last thing you need to worry about on your scuba adventure is a shark attack. While there have been scuba divers attacked by sharks, this is very, very rare. There is a much greater risk of your equipment failing or you scraping your leg on some coral—and these are risks you can control. Sharks do not tend to attack humans unless them smell blood, which they should not be able to do through your scuba suit. Plus, the bubbles and noises coming from your scuba suit should scare them off. Scuba companies likely won't take you diving in areas where sharks are known to be, anyways.

Myth: Scuba is too expensive because you have to buy a lot of gear.

One look at the prices of scuba gear, and you may be turned off from the idea of scuba diving on vacation—but here's the secret: almost all scuba companies let you rent equipment. Sure, the rental flippers may not be as comfortable as those you would buy yourself, but when the choice is to rent them for $15 or buy your own for $150, you can put up with a little discomfort. Plus, that's the last thing you'll be worrying about as you admire fish below the water.

Myth: You need to be a good swimmer to scuba dive.

While knowing how to swim is definitely an asset, scuba diving relies mainly on sinking into the water rather than swimming. You'll be pulled back up into the boat almost immediately upon reaching the surface, so as long as you're a decent enough swimmer to keep yourself afloat for a few minutes, you are golden.

Now that you know a bit more about scuba diving, start looking for a company that offers scuba in the area you are visiting. As long as you book with a reputable company, you're due for a grand adventure. Contact a company like Blackbird Caye Resort to learn more.