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Booking A Better Resort

Nothing is more disappointing than heading out on vacation only to find that your hotel is less than impressive. I have suffered from this unfortunate fate more times than I would like to admit, which is why I decided to start researching resorts. I was able to start booking better hotels for great prices, all because I was willing to take the time to do a little research. This blog is all about booking a better resort and having a great time with your family. You never know, the right vacation might be just what you need to enjoy your summer vacation.


4 Things To Expect At A Luxury RV Resort

Your time on the road will bring you to both RV parks and RV resorts. Even though RV resorts are a little pricier, they are well worth the price. Here is a look at some of the differences you can expect to see at an RV resort

You will have a larger lot to enjoy while at the resort. 

Instead of the basic gravel slot you get at a regular RV park, at a luxury RV resort, you will get a nice lot with green grass, plenty of space to set up outdoor furniture, and possibly some level of privacy. For example, some of the nicest RV resorts have lots that are bordered with hedges or a privacy fence to give you the same level of privacy you would expect while hanging out in your backyard. 

You will have access to a nice list of luxury amenities on-site. 

RV resorts are well-known for their luxury amenities. You may find a long list of amenities or only a select few depending on where you go. Some of the most common amenities include: 

  • Pools and spas 
  • Dog parks
  • Golf courses 
  • Communal dining rooms or restaurants
  • Free Wifi
  • On-site nurses
  • Cleaning services for your RV

Picking a resort that has the amenities you know you will use is the best plan of action; the more amenities there are, the more you can expect to pay for your stay at the resort. 

You will have the chance to stay longer than usual.

A lot of regular RV parks limit how long a visitor can stay at the park before they have to get moving or at least switch to a different parking slot at the park to make way for some other camper. At a luxury RV resort, you can expect that these limitations will be far less common. You may be able to reserve a spot at one of these resorts for several weeks, if not months, at a time. 

You will likely have a gorgeous view. 

When you pull in at a regular RV park, you will probably see a cluster of parking slots with a building in the center where RVers can grab snacks, use the showers or bathrooms, and maybe fill their water tanks. At a luxury RV resort, you will find all kinds of nice views. Some resorts are situated on oceanfront properties or nestled into mountainous areas. The grounds will be perfectly manicured and complete with plants, flowers, and landscape features.