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Booking A Better Resort

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Book An RV Resort Site That Has These Three Hookups

While you'll want to spend ample time evaluating the available amenities before you choose an RV resort to visit, you should also confirm what types of sites are available for those who visit. Commonly, you'll find that an RV resort's sites can vary considerably. Some offer little more than a space to park your vehicle and are priced very affordably. Others will cost you a little more per night but come with a variety of conveniences that you'll appreciate — especially during a long road trip. These amenities include certain hookups that you'll want to look for. Here are three examples.


It's advantageous to book a site that has a water hookup. While your RV carries water for you to use while traveling, you need to periodically refill the water tank. Staying at a site with a water hookup means that you'll be able to use the RV resort's water supply during your visit. It's easy to connect the water hookup at your site to your RV, which will allow you to freely use the water from your sink faucet without having to worry about draining your water tank while you're staying at the resort.


It's also a good idea to ensure that your RV resort site has an electricity hookup. Similar to a water hookup, this will allow you to use the resort's electricity to power the various devices on your RV instead of using your own power source. You might use a lot of electricity during your stay. For example, you might plan to cook in the RV's oven, your kids may watch movies or play video games, and you may run the RV's heater or air conditioner to provide the comfort that your family needs. With a site that has an electricity hookup, you'll conserve your RV's own power.


Another hookup that you'll often find available at many sites in RV resorts is a sewer hookup. During a road trip, your RV's black tank — the large tank that is connected to your toilet — will fill with waste. You'll need to eventually empty it, and while there are a handful of ways that you can do so, it's convenient if you can book a site that has a sewer hookup. You'll have no trouble hooking up your black tank to the sewer hookup to empty your tank so that it's ready to use for the next part of your trip.